Size and offset for GEM eLXD wheels?

I just picked up and eLXD and am looking for some off-road tires as I live down a 1.6 mile long dirt road. The current wheels are 13” rims with street tires. I can’t seem to find any off-road tires for 13” wheels - just 14” and 12”.

I don’t want to go crazy but something with a bit more bite would be nice.

Anyone have suggestions for a replacement wheel for the eLXD? Looking forward to installing a Bolt pack from Inwo and seeing what this little car can do…



I should add I did search the forum. One post implied 5 x 100 bolt pattern with 0 offset. Be nice to confirm if that is the case.

Search 13" turf tires.
Look at @LithiumGods lug tires for sale.

4-bolt wheel. Not 5-bolt. :frowning:

Buy them for the tires and get a set of wheels?

If it’s what you’re looking for, adapters are common. May be too aggressive though.
I have turf tires on my truck. Same tread as my lawn tractor.

12” tires. I have a 13” wheel. Still need wheel that fit the tires.

Anyone know the size and offset of the 5-boot wheels? The 4-bolt say 4x 4”.