New Tires and Wheels

I followed some of those who have ventured into bigger wheels and tires…
I went with Discount Tires and got fast and great service… in and out in a little more than an hour… I had gone online and chose what I thought I wanted… they were a little wary of the customizing that I did on my '02 Civic when they looked outside and saw the GEM… after some saying ‘are you sure’ and my saying ‘think so’… they brought out four boxes of the MB Wheels… Viper style 14x6 with a 38 SMF #60494… as I held my breath they put one on the front then moving it to the back… agreeing that the clearance was good and nothing rubbed… proceeded to put a P185/65R-14 Falken Sincera tire on the wheel and went thru the put it in the front and rear… all good again… it was balance it and mount… balance and put the others on… what a difference… a quick turn around the block and back for a final torque of the bolts and I was off… think I have a little smoother ride…

MB Wheels… Viper style 14x6 with a 38 SMF #60494
tTires… P185/65R-14 Falken Sincera
I didn’t use spacers and have had no problems in the weeks following… my speed is about 28… have been to 32 going down hill… but only for a second… speed was on my GPS as the car only shows 25 max

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Can you desribe what the “38 SMF #60494” is? I just purchased a GEM and I’m curious as to how to upgrade the wheels / tires but am completely lost.

What bolt pattern was yours? And do you know if a 2002 e2 is the same as that?

Hi… I do strongly believe that the 02 wheels and my 05 wheels are the same bolt pattern… 4x100 will work… the 38 is the depth of the rim or offset… DO NOT go more than that… the 60494 is the MB wheel number thay Discount Tire has given the wheel… my GEM is a eS pickup modle and I have lots of clearance… be sure to check the wheel… and wheel with the tire on before going forward with the deal… you may need spacers which can be found on eBay… I didn’t need them and probably someone else can tell you more…

here is the link to Discount tire… I looked at the different rims and then went to the store… hope you have one in your area… as I was happy with the outcome

MB Wheels 14 inch custom wheels in the Denver Area - Discount Tire/America’s Tire

where are you?


2002 and 2005 GEM both use the same steel rims.

Gem and golf carts use 4x4" not 4x100mm. How do these rims fit.

Ed… IMHO*…the Honda Rims are close enough to be OK for use on the GEM… as I said your question comes up often… I have about 1000 miles on my wheels and see no problems… I have had them off a couple of times since I’ve been having brake problems… I don’t think it’s a related problem… each time we check the holes and studs… see no ware and always torque the nuts to GEM spects

  • my story and I’m sticking to it

[QUOTE=ed1;12182]Gem and golf carts use 4x4" not 4x100mm. How do these rims fit.[/QUOTE]

I researched everywhere to find a set of 17" tires and wheels to install on an '07 e6 I just bought, and I am glad I didn’t buy anything. I popped off the hub cap, when the cart came in, and low and behold… it has a 5 lug set up on it. Who would have thunk it? Now, back to the drawing board. Should not be as hard to match up a set with 5 lugs…

Have never worked on an e6 GEM. Did not know they are five lug. The elxd GEM truck is also five lug.


I believe the e6 and elxd are on the same platform… with the same battery setup and probably the wheels would make sense as well… I haven’t seen any posts on the bolt pattern… I’ll ask my friends at Immagination Motorsports… they put big tires on all the cars they build