2020 GEM E2 Wheels & Tires

Hello All,

Looking for help on aftermarket wheels for a 2020 E2.
I am looking at 14" x 6.5" Rims with a -20 Offset.
My main concerns are on the rears being so close to the shocks but thinking my calculations with the -20 offset should give me enough clearance. Am I right on this?

I also could use help on the lug pattern spacing - Am I correct looking at 4 x 101.6?

Anything else I should be concerned about?

Recommended Tires for these rims?

Any and all experienced input gladly received.
Many Thanks.

Check out this thread. It’s has helpful information on bolt pattern and wheels.

Thanks for the link to the thread, very insightful & helpful. Greatly appreciated.

That search tool(magnifying glass) in the upper right of your page opens the door to decades of information and many hours of paging through past projects of others (some that work, and some that did not work.out as well).

Enter the right key words(sometimes the search engine can be quite picky) and be enlightened and even entertained. Chances are that whatever you are thinking has been tried before.

Thanks, sounds like the voice of experience!