Should I Buying a New or Buying a Used Car

There are various types of cars
ex: the mileage, sitting capacity, transmission, trunk capacity, engine power, ease of driving/safety, interior, power doors and Make, Model,Type, ABS and anti-theft…
Can anyones for me some Tips
Thanks so much.

My advice at the moment would be to buy a new car if you can afford it unless you can get a deal you cant refuse for a second hand car. The only major issue with a second hand car would be the state of the batteries which are (at the moment) the most expensive thing to replace.

A 3 year old off lease Volt has to be a GREAT deal. Also consider a used Pruis - good cars.

I feel ready for the electric car. I want to buy it, but im hesitating between new or used one. Still, the market is not so developed, and prices are biting. Maybe it is worth taking at auction, for example ebay or 1bid1. com/search?category=1 ? At last one, by the way, i saw a couple of electric cars. What will you advise?

A used or off lease Electric/Hybrid 2012 or later has to be the best deal going right now. By 2012 Engineering and Manufacturing had matured enough that infant mortality was beaten and long term reliability assured.

But new one is so much expensive.!!! :(:rain:

With the current rebates you can get a brand new Chevy Bolt for less than 20K.
You can buy a 2020ish Tesla Model 3 for 30Kish -

It is a toss up, completely depends on your budget and range needs.

and I completely agree - most of these cars are rock solid. Almost no maintenance issues, besides the normal tires, suspension parts and wipers.