Would you buy a second-hand electric vehicle?

There has not been too much focus on the second-hand electric vehicle market but this is something which will continue to grow in the future. Would you feel safe buying a second-hand electric vehicle at this moment in time? Or would you prefer to wait until the market is more developed?

Personally I would be a little reluctant to buy a second hand EV just now - but then again maybe I am making this decision on out of date information?

I fully intend to buy a used EV at some point. I owned a low speed EV for a year but it could not do what I expected; it was my fault for not researching well enough.

We presently own a Prius as our main vehicle and a gas guzzler as the back up, but I want to buy a fully electric for commuting to work and around town, which would make the Prius the back up and distance traveling vehicle.

I am watching the Leafs gradually sink in price, and even watching some Think City’s that the original owners keep putting on sale (can find those under $8000 now), but I am not sure what is possible for battery replacement down the road for the Think City’s.

Think GEM’s

I think for people who dont have enough money to buy new electric car is this good opportunity. There are people who must have everything new, so when is there new model of some electric car, they are selling the old one and thats chance to buy cheaper EV… Especially in Northern Europe there have people benefits for buying EV and we (from Central Europe) are waiting for their old models to buy it :smiley:

The best deal in the world now is a VOLT off lease. A $40000 3 year old car for $14000. Off lease Leafs are going to be a great deal.

You are about 3000 miles from me but I am curious where you saw the ad for that Volt. That is by far the best price I’ve seen and am curious to find out more about that particular car.

I presume falling prices will soon find a level when second hand EV buyers start to appear in numbers - but when will that be?