Buying a used Chevy Volt

I was looking to buy a used car, either a Toyota Prius or a Chevy Volt. Strange thing is, I am seeing that the used Chevy Volts are about the same price as the Prius for about the same mileage which surprises me. It seems like these deals on the Chevy Volt are just too good to be true…

Is there something I am missing about buying a used Chevy Volt? What is the battery life on the Volt? If I buy a Volt with 30-40k miles on it am I buying a car that will very shortly need an expensive new battery?

The used Volts I have seen on the market are all 2012 models.

The Volts are a quality car that is head and shoulders better looking than a volt. Ride is better too. GO FOR IT!!!

Better looking than a Prius you mean? What about the battery life?