Volt with 259K miles

Volt Stats: Details for Volt #2012-07353 (sparkie)

There is now a Volt with over a quarter million miles and still going strong.
92K miles on the battery alone. Looks like the Volt is a durable car after all.

Volt Stats: Details for Volt #2012-07353 (sparkie)

This certainly goes against what critics of the Volt have been saying!

Competition is really hotting up now - great to see.

Why do these positive stories never get the same exposure as negative EV stories?

The Volt has taken some abuse over the years - better than many expected?

UPDATE: This Volt now has 330,000 miles

Volt Stats: Details for Volt #2012-07353 (sparkie)

We are on our second Volt, a 2017. The second gen has solved the user interface issues of the original and is a very nice ride. Wife gets about 55 miles on electric. Using a 220v clipper creek interface, it charges in about 4 hrs or less. Took it on a road trip to see and even running exclusively on gas obtained about 35 mpg at 75+. Lifetime is over 250 mpg. Car is a game changer.

One thing we learned on the first one was to avoid letting the gas get old, thus forcing the system to run through a couple tanks of gas before it would let you run on electricity. They may have fixed that, not gonna test it.