Volt Owner Q&A

As an owner of a 2013 Volt I would be happy to answer any questions (as best I can) about the Volt, how it operates and my experience with it.

I have nearly 5000 miles and one 900 mile 4 day road trip.

Trip summary - Tacoma WA area to Grants Pass OR
3 adults and a small dog - plus luggage
Destination 400 miles (left with a full charge and full tank)

First stop approx 300 miles -
Motel 6 over night (let me charge my Volt on 120 vac)

Arrived at my destination next day (had access to 240 vac for charging)

I put on about 100 local miles in the 3 days visiting (all battery miles)

Left for home on a full charge and drove straight 400 miles (stopping in Portland for gas).

During the trip down I was basically testing the performance (not economy). I was climbing up the steep mountains at speeds of 80 mph, following a BMW.

(Trip odometer said average MPG for the total 900 mile trip was 55 MPG
My lifetime average MPG for the Volt was still over 200 upon my return home.

My daily commute is 36 miles and 100% electric.

Hi Jljeeper

I was wondering what kind of fuel savings you are finding compared to a 100% gasoline vehicle?



[QUOTE=Editor;15685]Hi Jljeeper

I was wondering what kind of fuel savings you are finding compared to a 100% gasoline vehicle?



For me its a lot of savings because I am displacing miles on a Jeep and a Caravan. Jeep 14 mpg and Caravan 17 mpg. My Lifetime average MPG in the Volt is 209 (so far), that number could save fuel against any ICE car on the road and you could calculate your own savings.

The fuel savings in a Volt really depends on how you use it on a daily basis and what vehicle you are displacing. My miles are mostly commute and that is 100% electric. For the first 4000 miles I was at 98% Electric miles and my Lifetime MPG was up at 1100 miles per gallon. My recent 900 mile road trip really took that number way down (210MPG now) I expect that number to keep going up over time and imagine by next year I will be around 500 mpg and each road trip will have less and less impact on MPG as the total miles increase.

An easy way to look at my savings is I get about 1000 gas free miles a month. Lessen the wear and tear and oil changes on my other vehicles. The Volt is the first choice when going to dinner and a movie or the grocery. Feels like driving for free.

My electricity rate equates to 2 pennies a mile and adds about $20 to my monthly electric bill. That would cost about $130 at 30mpg. Before the question comes up…No it won’t pay for itself or difference in price against another cheap economy car (not for a long time). To me its much more enjoyable to drive than most other economy cars, much fewer oil changes and much less visits to the gas station to donate your paycheck to the oil companies.