Setting up reva software

Hi i have a gwiz and have a fault code. Ok. Thanks, i originally had the spanners warning light come on. I checked with the bms and it said a fault, something about temperature, I had left it and not done anymore about it that was a few weeks ago. Anyway we were away and when we came to use the car it said full charge but it only lasted a few miles, the charge meter was swinging about. My wife drives the car so some of this is relayed infomation. I have tested each battery and 1 was very low 3.9v i tried to charge it but the charging *turned itself off and the soc meter read in the yellow . I *got another separate charger yesterday *and charged it for about an hour until it showed over 5 v and then set the equalisation charge going. After charging all day yesterday i have just looked at it and all are around 6v. The car was still plugged in but the fan had stopped and it looked like all charging had stopped. I reconected the computor and it said charging. I did check the charging voltage but reset the equalisation charge. Its charging again and still has this fault code ‘over Vtg Sd’ it says cause, 1. if battery current > iprog

  1. if over voltage factor is set to low limits in EMS calibration.*

Actions. 1 Iprog has to be calibrated, *by setting Iprog factor.

  1. Set the factor to 6650.

Any advice on this? Thanks Ellis*