Sceptical of electric cars? Have you ever driven one?

Survey after survey confirms that while a significant number of motorists are still sceptical of electric cars, many of them have never even driven one. Despite the fact that electric car companies up and down the UK, and around the world, have an array of offers to test drive electric vehicles, why don’t more people […]


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Interesting angle - is it true that it is only non-EV drivers who have “range anxiety”?

I have also seen articles which suggest non-EV drivers are the only ones concerned about range anxiety - bizarre?

My brother drived it and he told me is breathtaking

Yes! I also think so! We made trip to Barcelona and tried segway tour there. It was really breathtaking for us! So easy and comfortable so I wan tot present it for my father and he can move with this machine in ther yard.

They sell electric cars in Mililani, Hawai’i. But the only place I can think of that has a rechargeable area for the electric car is at this Tony Nissan, car dealer there. They have a parking lot only for recharging an electric car. I followed an electric car once. It doesn’t appear any different, I am not certain what is the acceleration on the electric cars. I think it may be slower than regular fuel gas cars. I was on a hill.

The only thing I do with my diesel and gas vehicle is drive long distances. I work from home so I do not have a commute. I use my GEM for everything in the neighborhood though and love it. When you are the only GEM in an entire neighborhood it really makes you see how silly gasoline cars are. “did that lady really just drive 6 blocks to go to the store?”

Once somebody figures out a way to make electric cars fully self sufficient or not have range limitations they will totally take over. For now however, when I need to drive out of Ohio to buy some old tool from Craigslist or visit relatives I really have no other option than to take the truck.

Yes. I have a Nissan Leaf in my garage.

Yes, I have two Tesla’s in my Garage - “Range Anxiety” is a real thing. LOL, My wife and I both had it when we first started driving them but it goes away pretty quickly. My wife drives her down to 15 and 10 miles left all the time. I am still a little more conservative in the 60 - 40 range.
Her car goes 260 miles and mine 310 on a charge so the ranges are coming up but no anywhere near what something like @diymatt is talking about.

Lucky duck. I’d love to have a Tesla but it just doesn’t make any sense for me right now financially. I’m going to Nashville from Ohio next week and that’s 370 miles, so even with my rare trip out of state I can’t make it work. :sunglasses:

Sure you can lots of SuperChargers Ohio and Nashville :slight_smile:

My wife gave me a hard time a first about the cost, but once you deduct the 300-400 per car we were spending on fuel each month it’s not so bad (Free supercharging).

My son and I took a trip right before school started last summer,
KC to Panama City, FL
Panama City to Piegion Forge
Piegion Forge thru Tail of the Dragon (twice)
and back to KC.
A total of almost 1600 miles and the total cost was 76.00 using superchargers the whole way. I have a Model 3 so there is a small fee to use the Superchargers.

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I’m driving a Nissan Leaf 2011 for a week now, and it is a magic experience, I’m in love with this car I get it from Carvana, and today I have to take the decision, to keep or return it, and I don’t really are decided yet, if I have more information about the cost in the house electric monthly bill, and it is affordable for me for sure I will keep this car

It was grate, $76.00 dollars for charging, in 2000 millas is very chip, I mean, it is my opinion.