Do you feel journey capacity anxiety when battery power is down to 25%?

A recent study in Germany found that a significant number of drivers using electric vehicles showed the same anxiety and concern when battery power fell to 25% to that experienced when a gasoline/petrol vehicle is flashing “empty”. The report quoted the Nissan Leaf which has an official 84 mile single charge range although in the minds of many electric vehicle users this is down to 63 miles.

Do you feel journey capacity anxiety when in your electric vehicle?

Not really. I always plan my trips ahead of time so I know what to expect. After 15k plus miles this has become second nature. The only issue I run into now is when I have to drive my gas hog Insight and forget to watch the gas gauge! I can’t imagine how anyone can drive every day in a vehicle that only gets 45-50 mpg’s!

I think that you have hit the nail on the head, at this moment in time, due to reduced journey capacity per full charge, there is a need to plan ahead when looking at long distance journeys.