Debunking EV myths: Journey capacity is a major concern

There is a myth that journey capacity is a major problem for the EV industry. However, research shows that journey capacity/range anxiety is only an issue amongst those who do not drive an EV. Those that do find ways and means of ensuring that they have enough “juice” to get from A to B - making use of recharging stations along the way when required.

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This is another interesting thread which needs more discussion. Research shows us that it is only those who have never driven an electric vehicle who have any kind of journey anxiety. The average driver will go no more than 80 miles per day and when you bear in mind that EV home charging kits are readily available, is range anxiety really a problem?

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This post definitely caught my attention…

The assumption or false premise here is that there are charging stations “along the way”…

Another unspoken assumption which I would pose to @The_EV_Myth_Debunker is how must we deal with the “change of plans” or the “unforeseen”? – what if you get a call from your pregnant wife while you’re in route from A to B and need to detour?..what then?

The simple answer is that EV battery capacity is the name of the game - the greater the gap between charging the greater the attraction to motorists. Do you think we will ever get to a situation where it is feasible to carry a “back up battery system” for your EV? This would be a weight issue but if batteries in the future have greater density to store power but are lighter in weight than today’s EV batteries this could be a possibility? A little like carrying a spare wheel?