Saft nife wiring

I have a gem with the Saft nife 72v charger, I would like to know what the wires do,I hope to change over to the delta Q,I would appreciate any help.

Charger installation is pretty generic.

Normal charger installations in a GEM car include:

  1. The plus and minus charging wires

  2. The interlock wires to prevent operation of the cart during charging

3 (Optional) wiring for a temperature sensor to be mounted on the battery.

Does your present unit have more wires?

I think the Delta-Q is junk and recommend the Ride for Fun or Quick Charge units. Hook up is very easy.

Go for Quick Charge

Thanks, on the saft nife there is a 4 wire plug with two green and two white wires,the other plug has orange/grn stripe,brn/grn stripe,brn/yel or white,has grn but is not used, I appreciate info,thanks