Saft NI-CDs and a Quantum 2+2

Anyone used Saft NI-CD cells or have any thoughts on them?
I’ve e-mailed them requesting a price for the STM 5-100 MR and the STM 5-140 MR but just wondered if anyone has any experience with them.

I’m considering a Quantum 2+2 as a base vehicle for a conversion, probably using a 9" DC motor at 120v and maybe (just maybe) a home built controller. Nothing decided for definite yet…

I’ve never used NiCd cells in an EV, but I’ve been flying electric R/C planes and helicopters for years, and here’s what I’ve learned about them:

  1. If you charge a NiCd battery without it being COMPLETELY dead, the battery will lose capacity.

  2. If you stop charging a battery before it’s full the battery will lose capacity.

  3. A NiCd can be discharged at incredible rates. Your 1/4 mile time could be astounding.

  4. Battery would be lightweight, but large in physical size.