Reverse polarity light - Ride 4 Fun charger

First post here on this site and I’m hoping someone can help - I have a 2001 e285 and my Zivan charger went dead so I bought the Ride4Fun charger. The wiring is done according to them (called twice to have them walk me through it just in case) and I keep getting a “Reverse Polarity” indication, which is the green/red blinking LED on the charger.

The DC converter has been upgraded to the SurePower converter and everything is working on the car, lights, blinkers, radio, brake light, etc.

6 month old Trojan 130amp flooded batters - just checked specific gravity and all are within spec at current charge rate (70%)

Is there ANYTHING that I could be missing? All fuses are ok as well on the main fuse board on passenger side under hood.

Any help would be appreciated!!


Check polarity on the outlet your plugged into

Even though that had never crossed my mind, it would have been nice if that was the culprit, but polarity is correct on outlet.

The instructions on the charger also say it could indicate a break or intermittent signal in DC connection - I’ve checked all the fuses here but I’m wondering if there is anything wrong with the timer or relay that is combined with the DC converter?

Yeah, tried all the sockets I had in the garage right after I saw your post. I’ll double check the ground as well but otherwise I guess it could be a lemon charger??

Ha! Boats are my first love as well but I understand them a lot more! I’ll try this and let you know. Thanks so much!


Were chasing the wrong dog. I looked up the Manual and Red/Green flashing means the Charging DC connections to your battery Pack are reversed or not connected. ( or could have a partially bad connection.)


1 Verify to make sure the batteries are connected in proper order and none are in backwards.

2 Check ALL Connections for BRIGHT AND TIGHT.

3 Verify Red to positive Black to Negative from charger

4 Check battery’s for dead cell with Hydrometer

If all this is right your probably clean and the charger might be at fault.

To those of you following this thread I have posted link to the Manual below

BTW In my opinion this is the best charger money can buy, at the present time. The technology is old, like me, but tough as nails and hard to break.

Thanks Rodney,

So I’ve checked all the polarity in the outbound sockets - all good.

Hydrometer test shows all batteries in spec at current charge - 70%

Red wire is on 40amp fuse and black is on right side top of controller as per Ride4fun instructions (I now realize it is the same as the Quick Charge).

I’m going to double-check connections on battery but car was running perfect right before the Zivan charger died so I keep getting hung up on the DC connection - The green wire that used to be in the Zivan (that is now hooked to white on the R4F charger) goes into the timer and also has a jumper to a relay - wondering if those could be bad? But wouldn’t that make all the lights/radio, etc also have issues?


The trouble code is specific to the Primary 72 volt wiring. Basically you have the battery connections and the plus and minus connections where they connect to the charger.

Get (2) 5/16 bolts and remove the battery connection from the top of the controller and the 400 amp fuse peg. then bolt the charger output wires to the battery wires only. You have then eliminated any possible out side influences. If this doesn’t work It beats the hell out of me.


Thanks again Rodney,
Just went through that exercise and still getting the same red/grn light so it has to be the charger - I’m sending it back.

Thanks so much for the help - I’ll post back after I get the replacement.


Just to follow up - got the new charger and all works well, so apparently got a dud the first time around. Thanks!

Thanks for getting back with us. Some people don’t.

No problem, thanks again for all the help! I will also add that I ended up getting the Quick Charge version and save $200…

Thanks for posting the link to the charger instructions.
Walter Colby