Charger won't charge!

My kit included a Zivan NG3 charger 110 VAC-120 VDC. Unfortunately I have had problems getting it to charge, as it never has worked for me and gives an audible message + red flash which is described as battery disconnected or not in conformity. I had just driven the vehicle and after that measured the voltage and it showed it was just slightly under 120V DC, so the batteries were near fully charged. My battery pack consists of 15 8V US batteries that give 120 volts, but it drove fine so that shouldn’t be a problem. I had the two output wires through the charger connector wired with 10 gauge wire and tried them at several points throughout the battery pack wiring to the respective + and - terminals, and even tried wiring it to the controller + and - terminals. I took the connector off and touched the bare wires to the spades inside the charger’s output terminals, and still the same error message. I know the wires had 120 VDC going through them because they accidentally touched and almost welded together. I noticed there are the two auxiliary ports that can be wired but I didn’t think those were required to operate just the charging function of the charger. I also noticed that the charger manual does not tell you one single thing about how to wire this component. Is there anything else I need to know about wiring this component together? Should I try wiring it differently or would you say it is just a problem with the charger? Should I take the cover off the charger and try to see what is going on under there? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I finally built my electric car but can’t drive it much without being able to charge it.

if the charger is still under warrenty send it back for warrenty work. the way to check it if with a voltmeter turn the volt meter to 200 volts check the pack voltave then plug in the charger and turn it on. check the pack voltage every five minutes to see how it is doing. That way you can confirm there is a problem with the charger. Make sure the connectors are in the plug correct, I have run into this at a business I helped out as a sub contractor. make sure it is wired right, they thought they could just wire the electric plug for 220 and it had to be sent in for repair as it was wired for 110. That happened before I got there. Thier problem was the loose contact in the plug it nearly melted the metal contactor. I hope this helps.
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Thanks Bob, I did everything I possibly could with that charger as far as attempting to get it to work, but there is absolutely no voltage coming out of the output, so its back to Sacramento for the Zivan NG3 charger. It is under warranty, but I spoke with Wistar at KTA and he said that Electric Conversions, the charger store, might charge me $100 to reprogram it. If that’s the case thats not right, charging me when their charger never once worked right. We will see.

Here is a link to the owners manual it shows two fuses inside the charger. I haven’t found warranty informatation yet but will continue to look for it. You can request it from the place you bought it from KTA. I recomend Electric Vehicles of America. Bob Batsun always works for the customers satisfaction. I dealt with KTA and they were hard to get ahold of. Ken who sold the company came to my rescue.

This is the best I could find.

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