2002 e825 built in charger went up in smoke… So I have a charger that puts out 12 24 48 72 volts 10 amps. where would I hook it up to charge all bats at once? At the master switch in on position it blows the fuse on my charger . I left the old charger hooked up… I turned master switch OFF and charged 4 bats under seat at 48 volts then 2 front bats at 24 volts. This was done without unhooking any of the batteries. where bats connect at the controller under dash reads 72 volts, but I didn’t want to connect their figured it would screw up the controller… 500.oo to rebuild built in charger seems crazy, seeing how I only paid 500.00 for the car 2 years ago … Thanks in advance…

You certain it’s only the charger that’s blown? As a start I think I’d disconnect the old charger on the theory it may be shorted internally. If there’s a dead short in the charger, that would certainly blow the fuse on your new charger. On the other hand, there may be something else that’s whacked and that blew your OEM charger.

With the old charger disconnected and the 6 batteries fully charged, I’d think you could turn on the master switch and go.

There are 4 wires in addition to the 110AC power input on your Zivan 2 of them are the charger output wires.(Red + Black -) disconnect them and hook up your 72 volt charger where you took them off. The other 2 wires are interlock wires to prevent driving while the unit is being charged . If you remove the Zivan you will have to jumper them to drive the car.

4 wires on charger. 2 are in a Mosley plug 1 is orange 1 is orange with green strip. orange with strip goes to controller the other goes not sure… I assume these are + & -. So I can put a jumper in the plug but which is + ?

One goes to controller the other comes from the interlock string. These wires go to a NC switch in the controller that opens to prevent car operation when charging. Jumping the 2 wires eliminates the charger interlock.

When I watch the removal of a zivan charger on you tube is the orange and green wire the two wires you jumper and just connect the charger to the + and - in the black plug?

Thats right.