Replacing Zivan NG1 Charger & Interlock

Hey guys,

I saw on here somewhere and can’t find it back, 2002 NG1 Charger 5 wires, one is the led and temperature sensor play, two in the clip are B- to controller and B+ to the DC contractor, the single threaded other two wires that clip in on top, if I recall when I looked, goes into the main harness. Those two are those the interlock wiring so it doesn’t move when charging?

If so, how can I bypass them? Also, is it actually breaking the series circuit, meaning when I bypass them if I throw a toggle switch in the bypass would it have the same effect as flipping of the master disconnect or is the board or something else just using it as a switch in the controller to allow the controller to send power to the motor, basically a relay safety switch not actually severing the battery series circuit?

Going to try and wire up my Chargery Charger and was going to wire my plug into the same terminal points the two in the clip go to , controller b- and contractor b+, is this correct?


Yes, connect the two interlock wires to bypass interlock on Zivan. A switch or relay will work.

Yes, charge leads go to B- and B+. Those locations are fine.
Most DQ have the interlock relay.

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