Zivan Issues and need some help

I have a 2000 E825 2 seater

I plug it in to charge I get an audible and yellow flash…
Read and saw thermal issues.

I disconnected the Din and when I plug in the charger I still get the audible with the DIN disconnected.

Also after researching I have found they have jumped the charger interlock thing…
Does this mean it totally bypasses charger where it won’t work at all? Don’t really understand the jump thing.

Also what is this? Pic added

The charger interlock is a mechanism to prevent someone from driving off with the charger cord still plugged in. It can be electrical or mechanical like tying the charge cord around the steering wheel.

In the GEM/Zivan there is a relay which opens 2 contacts of the interlock so with the interlock circuit open, you can’t do anything with the key to power up the controller. But if you remove those 2 wires from the Zivan and put a jumper wire between them, you can drive and charge your car at the same time and you normally don’t want to do that.

Well, except if you want to take your GEM across country and carry around a generator and basically turn your GEM into a series electric hybrid. LOL

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The last thing in your pic is a delay off timer. Once the key is shut off the display remains active for a preset time(yours looks like it is set to 50 sec). This is the module that does this.

Pay no attention to the diagram on the back(it is wrong). Studying that will drive you nuts.

The Zivan’s installed in GEMs didn’t typically have profiles that depended on the thermal sensor. In most cases, you could disconnect it and the charger would work fine.

IIRC, 2000’s didn’t come with Zivans they came with Schott chargers (silver colored). So if you have a Zivan, it was put in later so the profiles are anyone’s guess. There should be a sticker on the front that shows the profiles and on the top, there might be a circular disk / tape cover up. Under that will be a micro dial. See if there is a profile loaded that has the proper battery type for what you have installed and doesn’t depend on thermal sensor, unplug the charger and set the dial. See what happens when you power up with DIN disconnected. If you still get thermal error, charger is likely damaged.