Renault makes step forward with the Renault Zoe electric vehicle

The Renault Zoe electric vehicle is certainly a step forward for French operation Renault which has invested an enormous amount of money into the electric vehicle market. The company claims the Renault Zoe is 75% cheaper per mile than a diesel car and 25% cheaper to service and maintain. It is immediately evident that Renault has put serious thought and consideration into the Renault Zoe because it does allay a number of fears in the general market.

The vehicle itself comes with a £70 a month battery leasing service, will cost around £13,995 after various financial incentives and is able to do around 130 miles per full charge, putting the car in the same bracket as the Nissan Leaf 2013. It will be interesting to see how this particular model develops in the years to come and whether indeed it is set to become as popular as the Nissan Leaf itself.