Hello from West Sussex

I am a Zoe owner (Renault) from Rustington, West Sussex (UK). I have been the proud Mummy to Zoe since February and have no complaints about her, she drives like a dream and is perfect for the mileage I do (school run and to work, then home).

It is a shame the battery rental is so high, £55 a month for 3000 miles a year, so barely works out cheaper than petrol, but at least she doesn’t fart pollution!

I have had some trouble with Renault and unfortunately would seriously re-consider buying from Renault in future.

Hi Newlife_paints

Welcome to the forum - we hope that you find it helpful and informative.

Sorry to hear you have had problems with Renault - you don’t appear to be alone with that as others have said the same. It would be great to hear how you get on with your Renault Zoe and hopefully improvements in battery technology will make it more economical for you in the future.