Renault disappointed at EV sales

Even though French giant Renault is one of the most successful electric car manufacturers in Europe the company is still disappointed at sales so far. Will a new marketing strategy be enough? Are the public ready for the hard sell?

I liked the Renault Zoe but Renault don’t allow you to buy the battery outright, you have to lease the battery at a cost which is double what I was paying in petrol a month for my previous non Electric car. I wanted to buy everything outright without a monthly lease.

Hi Johnnycab

There seems to be one common problem with EVs at the moment, the batteries. Leasing a battery may be sensible and cost effective in the long term but I am not sure that EV companies are doing enough to educate motorists about how this leasing strategy works.

With the diverse level of reliability and pricing its tough for innovation to be elite.

renault is the best for me :slight_smile:

I agree, lot of people changed their mind about buying Zoe because of battery … I think thats a pity… Zoe is great electric car but who wants to pay for batteries…

At some point in time the battery pack will probably have too be replaced. At that point do you scrap the car or replace the pack. The last owner gets stuck with that decision. Renault eliminates the BIG DECISION and its cars should suffer less depreciation over time because of it. Not good for the first owner but a winner for subsequent buyers.

As you will probably know, buyers of the Zoe now have the best of all options, leasing the battery or buying them (i models). I have opted to buy one of the i models so therefore will not have the concerns some people have had with leasing the batteries. Yes of course there may be questions about replacement at some point in the future, but that issue is over the horizon and I am not worrying myself about that at this time.

Once the EV companies manage to resolve the battery replacement issues, at least in the minds of consumers, we should see a big spike in sales.