Have you road tested the Renault Zoe?

It was December 2012 when Renault brought out the Renault Zoe in a blaze of glory amid expectations that it would push the Renault electric vehicle business to new levels. The initial feedback from those who have driven and seen the vehicle has been extremely positive and the company does appear to have alleviated many of the concerns about electric vehicles amongst the general motoring public.

We would be very interested to hear from people who either own a Renault Zoe electric vehicle or have perhaps test driven one? Is it really as good as people say and is set to challenge the Nissan leaf 2013 as one of the most popular electric vehicles in Europe?

Yes I have test driven the Zoe (twice), and yes it is as good as people say. It is so good in my opinion, that today I signed the paperwork to buy a new one (White, Dynamique Intens). Only time will tell if my faith in the technology and concept was well placed!

Hi Ejaydee

Would you be interested in writing a review of the Zoe for the forum? I think a lof of people would like to hear your thoughts.



Hi Mark

Yes I would be very happy to do that once the car has been delivered. If you are happy for me to do so, I will perhaps post my initial impressions a week or so after delivery and then a more comprehensive one a month or two later.