Remove Motor from E825?

I’m trying to swap out the motor on my 2002 E825. I have removed the three bolts holding the motor to the transaxle, but no amount of gentle (and not so gentle) persuasion will entice it to slide out of the transaxle. I can pull to out maybe 1/8 inch but no more. Any suggestions??

Those 3 bolts are all that hold it in. Might be some rust or deformation on the shaft / collar. With them out and the field & armature leads removed and the speed sensor disconnected, it should slide off. You might have to work your way around with a slim prybar and a wood backer block so you don’t munge the aluminum gear casing.

Also I’ve found that lifting the car up and removing the passenger side shock helps get some extra room to work - remember to support the tire/arm when you have the shock off so that you don’t damage the CV boots / joints.

That’s all I got. Maybe Rodney will drop in with a few tricks.

Remove the 2 or 3 small screws on the back of the motor cover and pull the motor housing off the armature. Remove the magnet and bearing off the armature.
attache a big vise-grip to the shaft. (yes you can clean up the marks later) Spray WD40 or penetrating oil on the joint… Grab the vice grip and work it up and down vigorously. You will probably have to move the vice grip in a couple of positions. on the shaft.

Luck Rodney

Many thanks to both jrjava and Old_Houseboater. I have the motor housing off and have some PB Blaster soaking at the area where the shaft (with armature) enters the transaxle. I’ll let it soak a day or so and try Rodney’s vice grip. Will post the results.Thanks again.