2000 e825 Axle Removal

I’m not understanding how the axle is connected to the transmission. I see a snap-ring on the transmission seal, but the axle seems to be designed to slip over a shaft. Is it supposed to slip off or do I need to remove that snap-ring first? I read the manual and searched for an answer but I’m not getting it.

Can anyone help with the secret?

Thank you!

There is an internal spring clip that kinda holds it in place.
It should just pull straight off. Straight. Not cocked off one way or the other.

Thank you for the answer. I’m replacing the axle so I tried pulling it hard. I also tried using two large screwdrivers to apply outward tension while pulling on the axle shaft. I’m having no luck at all. I don’t want to damage the transmission so I haven’t resorted to a slide hammer yet…

Its more of a slight pressure and a little rock and roll action.

Got it! Once you explained the design, I figured there might be some rust in there. I bent the little tube back on a can of PB Blaster and gave it a few shots. A half hour later, as I was showing my wife what I’ve been doing for the past 3 hours, it popped right apart.

Thanks again!