Removing the half-shaft from a GEM 2017 gearbox

I there some kind of lock on this spline hub that will not let it slide off? I can get the inner end to move about 1/4" back and forth but it hits a stop or something and will not let me pull it off the spline. The wheel end is loose and I have it level. I tried using pry bars but to no avail. 2017 GEM and I see no info on how to do this?

Pry harder.

It’s just a spring clip

I had to remove everything from mine, half shaft was attached to the gearbox for 6 months,

Finally one day I’ve tried and it came out.

I guess @jrjava is right, try harder

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I agree, it’s basically just luck, I fought for well over a half hour trying to get mine out and gave up. Came back out the next day and grabbed it and it just slid off. That happened 2 different times. I think you need to make sure there’s no side pressure on the shaft, it needs to came off 100% parallel to the shaft it’s on.

Was the car colder the next day when it slid off?

you thinking shaft shrinkage?


Yep, thermal expansion. If the tolerances are tight, warming the metal up can make parts not fit or bind.

Depending on the fit, it sometimes doesn’t take much.

You are all wonderful. Just give it a jerk and bam! off they came.

This topic continues to not disappoint.

Why did you have to take your 1/2 Shafts off

What’s wrong with taking his shaft off? It seems like a detachable shaft would be very convenient at times. Unless you misplace it. Then you get the King Missile…

I pulled the gear box so that this guy who lives on the water can change the gears. They charge more if you have a shaft sticking out when shipping.

When it comes back I will be noisy and fast. Ok, faster.

Here is a Tip for “Next Time” if you didn’t Take the bolts that hold down the transmission out. This will set the transmission free and allow you some wiggle room. I have used a pry-bar on 1/2 shafts that are a bit stuck just a quick pry and all of them have popped right off. Are you installing a rubber isolation kit? Or does the car already have one?

Just a great question and comment.

  1. I tried a pry-bar and no joy but after being instructed by @Old_Houseboater I did it his way and plop off they came. It is only a 2017
  2. I will need some rubber isolation bushings when that gearbox comes back from the man. I don’t know where to get those skateboard bushings.
  3. separate and important: where do I order brake pads for a 2017? Older I can find but 2017 is like some rare bird. Any advice? While it is torn down it is a good time to do the pads.

You can give me your Address and I will send you the skateboard Bushings for No cost.

**Assembly required ** sent me transmission Bushings @ No cost and no questions for my transmission just to help me out !!! He is awesome ! so I’m gonna do the same so you can thank “Assembly Required” for paying it forward .

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Oh man, how did you know it was my birthday!. No lie it really is. I will send you my address. Dave Aitken