Brake shoe removal, again…

Working on a 2000 e825. I cannot for the life of me get the front shoe off of the rear brake assembly. Wheel cylinder removed, springs off, emergency brake cross bar off. There is no way to get the shoe off the pin. It hits the hub assembly. The back shoe had enough clearance to twist off, but not the front. Do I need to remove the hub/bearing assembly? I haven’t even started the fronts yet….

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Following because I have to replace my rear wheel cylinders soon and may have to replace shoes on my 2002 e825.

you could try, it might help. you have to register.

I do have a manual already. Not very detailed on removing the shoes. I’m 64 and have been twisting wrenches since I was 10. I’ve never seen a more convoluted brake shoe system in my life. I’ve read posts that said the shoes would just “fall off”…. Not so.

The brake shoes are held in location by the adjusters. The washer looking things.

Take a hammer and drive the top of the show out ward till it clears the wheel hub.

they will then pull off.

aka Rodney.

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Now that makes sense. I tried compressing the springs with water pump pliers but they are really stiff. I’ll take a brass hammer and drive them out. Thanks for the tip!