Gem wheel cylinder replacement

I need to replace my 2001 Gem wheel cylinders and shoes. I am pretty handy, how difficult is it, especially the shoes? Any pics or videos? Thanks

hi you can find parts here


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So I can only speak to my limited experience on replacing rear wheel cylinders, shoes and drums on my 2005 e4. It was not terrible difficult. Most difficult part I encountered was getting the small allen head screw used keep drums snug up. If I remember I twisted off first allen wrench socket trying to use impact driver. Ultimately needed to use strike type impact driver with an allen socket and apply some heat. I would also recommend only tearing down one at a time to have an example to reassemble by. Be sure to use anti-seize when you reassemble.
Second word of advise, make sure wheels turn freely after reassembly. I evidentially had something wonky with one set of shoes and had go back and sand a high spot that I thought would quick “wear” in.
Consider upgrading to disk brakes on the front. I’ve read the difference in stopping is tremendous.

It’s tricky to get the shoes out…takes some patients.
Watch the orientation of the retainers at the bottom.
Springs can be tough…until I used a pair of sharp nosed vice grips…then easy

They make brake pliers specifically for that and let me tell you they are more than worth the money, they make it much easier to both disassemble and reassemble. You can pick them up online for about $10

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