Brakes on e4 2009 GEM

I was wondering if a brake shop can redo the brakes on my e4 or do I need to hire a GEM person to do such?

You can do it yourself. both front and rear cylinders are available on Ebay for about 25 bucks each.

I think the job would be a little difficult for me to manage. Do not have the right tools or the body strength to handle the task. Since you say I could do it myself, then a brake shop should also be able to manage it , right?
Do you have any idea of the charge I should expect from a brake shop?
As always, thank you for your valuable input.

Any brake shop will be able to do the brakes on the gem no problem they are very simple if your familiar with cars ect. They reminded me of the brakes on my 1962 VW bug

Thank you for the reply. I have a local brake place nearby. I will take Wilma to get an estimate.

Order the parts listed on this site for your brakes and take them with you to the shop. I believe I listed the part numbers from my rear brakes swap a few months ago. I picked up the master cylinders and spring kits at a local shop and ordered the brake pads on line. My 09 E4 has drum rear and disk front brakes. The work was easy so if you take the parts and they only charge you labor it should be cheap. I changed all my brake fluid at the same time. My fluid was old and discolored from siting. It will stop very quickly now, even with larger rims and tires. Good luck

Thank you so much for your response. I will check out the parts needed for Wilma. I assume I will need the same as your E4. All I know is it needs to be done soon. I am getting a little residue on the back tires.


My pads were actually only about 50% worn and the brakes felt OK (ish). My wheel cylinder started leaking and got fluid on the pads on the left side so i had to fix that.Since it was the wheel cylinder, everything had to come off to fix that part so I did a full change of everything on the rear brakes (cylinders, pads, springs and clips) and changed all the brake fluid for synthetic. I did not have the drums turned since they looked fine with no hot spots visible or cracks and it did not pulse when stopping so I felt they were still in good enough shape to go through another set of pads before addressing them.

It made a huge difference in the stopping ability.

I just did this exactly. My Regular Auto repair guy did all the work for around $100 after I got the parts from

My first challenge is to discover what parts are needed for my E4 2009. It would be great if I could obtain a parts lists…any suggestions?

look for this

2 x 1911827 rear brake shoe

2 x 1911828 rear brake shoe

4 x 1911837 front pad

Will the Polaris parts, info you provided, fit the 2009 E4? My cart was made by Chrysler.

Yes, It is a Polaris GEM, produced by Chrysler Corp. The part numbers listed should do the trick. I would also recommend getting a right and left wheel cylinder and changing those at the same time. You will be 99% of the way to them aid if they leak upon reassembly you will have to take it all apart again to change them. I would not suggest a rebuild kit. They are cheap, just replace them. Good luck.

Thank you so much for all the information. The task is before me and I now feel I have knowledge to move forward.