09 GEM Car e2 Brake Pad/shoe question

Hello, I’m trying to replace front brake pads on gem car. They are disc brakes on front and drums on back. Question, is the main system the disc brakes in front and hand brake the rear drums or other way around?

Does anyone have a part number for these pads or shoes? I see different opinions on which I need and each look completely different . Thank you. I’d like to go to autozone Napa etc for pads so I don’t have tk wait for shipping.

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The hand brake only acts on the rear brakes.

The pedal actuates all 4 corners.

The gem numbers for 2009 e2 :

Fromt pads:. 0611-00732
Rear shoes. Right: 0311-00833
Rear shoes left: 0311-00834

Good luck with AutoZone. GEM parts don’t cross well

You can get all of the above parts at nevaccessories.com. $84 for all 4 shoes. Pads are $15.50 per side.

I saw someone posted the other day they had success with cross reference to a PT cruiser back drum brake parts for the cylinders. Perhaps other parts will cross over?

Have a look and report back with results.

Hey all. the 2004- 2010 PT cruiser rear brake wheel cylinders did in fact work and were an exact match.
i installed them on an elxd but the E6 should be the same as well.
Dorman w610130 is the part number.
Box also shows a cross for Wagner wc141638.
hope this helps others out there.

I did a reverse image lookup and found these for Arctic cat UTV. They look identical and much cheaper but not sure exact dimensions. Anyone have knowledge?

Nice find!
Want me to order this up and see if it fits mine?

Whatever you find out, come back with your results so we can update the cross reference list.

Yeah that’d be good. I arranged for a local electric cart mechanic to come and replace my front pads tomorrow but for $40 each x 4 for front $160 + $100 labor and $50 travel. I wonder if I could do this myself? I’ve never changed brakes before and am only worried about breaking small pieces or draining pressured line but if it’s simple I’d rather save $250.

This guy seems to think part # FA271 will work. I’m going to order for tomorrow and see.

Anything else I should replace when changing front pads?

The pt cruiser parts won’t work on a 4 lug gem, only the e6 and elXD. Those atv/ motorcycle pads are generic and will work on the front of 6 lug and I believe 4 lug gems.

Brake pads and shoes is one of the simpler DIY tasks on most cars. Check YouTube for videos on virtually any car to get a feel for what’s required.
I’ve not yet needed to replace the pads on my GEM, but I can do all four wheels on my BMW before breakfast.
Good luck!

From a 2011 post from GEMmechanic, post:1, topic:1556
brake pads 4 lug front 2005 and newer: EBC FA271 (2 pads, order from motorcycle dealer)
alternate number: Magnum Braking AT2711 (2 pads, order from motorcycle dealer)
alternate number: NEV accessories GEM-BK-PAD (2 pads, discount for quantity purchase)

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