Gem Front brakes on a 2014 E6 repair with Chinese parts from Ebay

This is for a 2014 Gem E6 with 8400 miles. It was a cart used at the Westin Resort and I picked it up at auction. It needs a lot of repair. The condition of the rotors are horrendous. I am usually a stickler for using only OEM parts, but the cost of Polaris parts are so expensive that I have resorted to typing in the Polaris part number in a google search in order to find more affordable parts. I figure since Gem are LSV, taking a chance on brake parts shouldn’t matter too much?? :cold_sweat: The last Gem front brake repair I did was a 2016 E6. I remember paying around $40 for EACH individual pad (or $160 for both sides). And the rotors were $80 apiece from the Polaris dealer. For parts the front brakes ran me $320 which I considered outragious. Anyway I’m happy to report that on Ebay the total for the front pads were $12.55 and the total for the 2 rotors were $50. The total job ran less than $65. I’ve taken pictures and have to say they appear to be identical. The manual mentions replacing the bolts which hold the rotors to the hub. But I think I priced them around $7 apiece a few years ago. So I’ll just clean the threads and use locktight. For removal of these bolts,a tip is to use heat (ie a torch) on the hub before you try to remove them with a torx socket. Get the hub nice and hot and the bolts easily back out. If you don’t use heat, you may strip out the bolt star center. I’ll do a followup evaluation on brake performance once I’m road worthy.

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There are quite a few possibilities out there. This one does not have dims.
Now that yu have a set can you post the dims on this disc?
Diameter and mounting holes center to center?

Well the “Shadetree” part of me wants to just slap it together. But AssyRequired is keeping my “feet to the fire”. Here are the specs from the service manuel. It says the new thickness is .188". On the (Chinese) calipers I got .188", and on the micrometer I got .180" measuring 6 different places. The runout (SnapOn dial) I did a video and got a maximun variants of .004". So the rotors do measure in acceptable limits. But I cannot comment on the steel or brake pad quality. Only time will tell.

Ha! No. Not thickness. OD and hole centers.
More interested in fitting this to older carts. Some of the others I clicked on looked real good but distance between the mounting holes were way too big.

You say these are same size so I was wondering what the late cars switched to.

The Polaris part number for the rotor is 5254999. I did a brief search and these brake parts were used in all Gems 2013 to 2015. Not sure about other years, you will need to check. The Polaris part number for the pad set is 2202413. This number is confusing because it is a set rather than one pad side. Also made confusing because Polaris Gem part look up is not accurate on some Models. For example when I look up a 2014 Gem I get a 2014 Polaris Ranger. So I’m using another parts provider “Powersports Parts Barn” for my 2014 Gem.

2013- 2015 Gem brakes are same as ranger. I ordered the ranger parts and they were a lot cheaper

Anybody need these? I got a big box of parts with the last polaris.
No idea what they fit. Most are aftermarket.

Must have 20 of them.
75-76mm cc

Maybe save a set or two for yourself… I think they fit an eM1400.

… I MEAN… They don’t fit shyt… I want to buy a couple pairs…cheap… Because they don’t NOTHIN…

… I MEAN… They don’t fit shyt…

Oh, now I don’t want any either!!!