Best source for parts?

Hey, in changing out my new wheels/tires I discovered I need new wheel bearings, I broke a stud, need brake rotors too. Not finding a lot of options out there, anybody got a good line on stuff like this? (sorry if a post like this has been made a million times before).

They don’t seem to have a single part for 2013 model year vehicles. No bearings, no brakes, no lugs. Nothing I need. Anyone else?

Believe it or not, Polaris is actually really fast and inexpensive for most parts.

ooooh, maybe not for a front wheel hub - 277.00… ouch.
Looks like the bearings are 50.00 and the wheel stud is 3.00.

These trade #'s are from a '10, but when I just glanced at the parts books, it looks like most of these were the same parts/numbers for the '10 and then the later years. Best to double check just in case though.

The front bearings are DAC305530/25 which is a double rubber sealed 30x55x25 deep bearing (2 row). They are like $5 each if you can find them, they are kind of rare. I forget where I found them when I needed to rebuild a hub.

You’ll also need 2 oil seals per forward hub, TC 25x47x7 Again, a bit of an odd size. I ended up buying them from AVX Seals in SoCal (?).

The brake pads should be available through NEVA periodically, they tend to go in and out of stock. But the front brake calipers on the classic bodies are rarer than hen’s teeth and I can’t recall offhand if the OEM rotors are like gold also, although since they are bolted on, a machine shop could make you a new rotor so long as they can pattern the old one.

It seems like everything changed from '12 to '13. All the parts list “'05-'12” and specifically leave out '13. I THINK I found the right bearings, my rotors are okay, and the cart came with 4 sets of new brake pads, I don’t know why. I’m counting on my local NAPA to have the wheel stud (pretty standard M-12 x 1.5), so I’m almost there. $50/bearing is highway robbery but it’s the only one that has a guaranteed fitment.
Y’all have been very helpful, but this has been a wakeup call that parts are hard to find for this thing! Oil seals? What?

crap… on polaris’s website now… looks like the pdf parts guide I was looking at the other day was mistitled. Different part numbers and diagrams for the '13 after all.

The earlier models used oil seals as dust/dirt seals on the forward bearings.

Yeah, finding parts for these can be a colossal PITA at times.

Got the bearings for $31/each on " Part numbers matched up on cross, so I think I’m good. I think these bearings have been bad for a while - causing some unwanted looseness in the front end, so I’m pretty stoked to make this fix. Buddy has a bearing press and experience, so… Should be a good fix.