OEM vs aftermarket brakes

Curious if anyone has any comments / experience with some of the aftermarket disc brake pads & rotors vs OEM on any eM 1400 or any other GEM body style that shares Polaris Ranger brakes (2016+?)

Going on a 2015 eM 1400 LSV.

I tried ordering aftermarket brakes from a electric Polaris ranger for my em1400 and they didn’t fit. One of these days I’ll try and start the search again

I have a box of pads that came with an older ranger. Mosly unmarked.
share pic and measure.

Thanks Dave. Appreciate it. As soon as I get a chance I’ll pull the pads and get dimensions.

I have no idea how they managed to completely trash not only the pads but the rotors too in less than 3000 miles.

I went down this path not too long ago just to see what would fit. It seems like there are hundreds available. We should be able to find something to fit.

Pads, rotors, calipers, all seemed too cheap to consider messing with rebuilding.

Need some numbers and I’ll help you look. I’d start with rotor size, lug pattern.
How messed up are your rotors?

Thanks Byron, appreciate it.

Front and rear rotors are all gouged.

Front parts:
Brake Pad Kit Assembly, 1.5 in, Part 2202413 Replaces 1910672,2202097,1910514 [INCL. 4 BRAKE PADS]
Heavy Duty Brake Pad, [OPTIONAL] [SINGLE/One wheel] #2208934
Front disc brake [SINGLE] #5244314

Rear Parts:
Brake Pad Kit, Part 1913585 Replaces 1912202 [2 REQUIRED PER CALIPER]
Rear Brake Disc 8.625 in., Part 5248250

I already acquired OEM front rotors and OEM HD Brake pads.
I also just picked up a pair of OEM rear discs.

I was originally going a different way with the thoughts, looking towards aftermarket for a set of brakes that might grab better and / or last longer. But when I was just able to pick pair of OEM discs at aftermarket prices…

This leaves me coming up short on the brake pads #1913585. No one has them in-stock online currently, and can’t find any cross-references to aftermarket.

The rear discs are also on a couple of the RZR & rangers, but none of the year/models that I looked at which used the 5248250 rear disc, none of them used the same pads or brake calipers as the post early 2014 eM1400.

Photos of an OEM rear brake pad. Courtesy of fleabay.

Dimensions when I pull one apart.

Thanks Dave. Appreciate it. As soon as I get a chance I’ll pull the pads and get dimensions.

Any idea on a source for replacement front brake pads for a 2009 E2? I’d like to get ceramics but am open to anything.

I do not. These parts were for my eM 1400 which has almost no parts in common with any other GEM, ever. The eM’s are basically modified 2-wheel drive (RWD) Polaris Rangers. Most of the parts came from the 500, 600 & 700 series lines.