Rear brake cylinder

Does anyone know if there are any rear brake cylinders at the local auto parts store that will fit a GEM’s rear brake drums? Part# 0611-00203. Do any small cars maybe have some that will also work on a GEM? I need a couple ASAP.

Just my opinion but: The cylinders are probably not worn out, but full of rusty emulsified brake fluid causing the (assumed) leak. Take them apart and clean all pistons and cup seals and emory cloth or hone the cylinders to remove any surface rust and they should stop leaking if they are not severely pitted or damaged.
Then bleed out all the old brake fluid and use fresh. You can bleed them yourself with a rubber tube on the bleeder and the other end submerged in a jar of brake fluid.

What year and model car do you have?

Thanks for the replies. It is a 2000 or 2001. I did order the $50 part. I didn’t want to tear it apart without having the replacement. I will plan on replacing it and getting it all bled. I have a bleeder kit. Hoping for the best. I haven’t had good brakes in it since I’ve owned it.