Brakes Rubbing

Hi All,
So I go to replace my of my rear wheel cylinders because it was leaking.
Goes on with no issue and I bleed the new cylinder. Then I go to put the drums back on ( since I had it up I took off both drums to repaint them) they were really tight to get back on. I tried everything I could to get the brake shoes in but still a real tight fit. Now I have a rubbing sound in both sides.

What is the secret to get the shoes back in ???


Take a hammer an drive them back toward center. I take a large screw driver and pry them out then drive them back in 4 or 5 times to make sure their not frozen in the tension adjusters They will automatically reset themselves to the proper clearance after a few brake applications.


Got it,

So use the screw driver to pry the shoe away from the back plate and a hammer to get them back in, should I use a fibber mallet or wood block so the hammer does not damage the brake lining or the hammer won’t damage it?


You DON’T pry away from the back plate.

You put the screwdriver down into the opening and pry the shoes outward toward the front/back of the car. THEN hammer them back in. Do it 4 or 5 times.

Thanks OLD HOUSEBOATER that worked