Crazy Tight Brakes

Hello everyone, I’m in the middle of replacing all my wheel cylinders along with the springs and shoes. This process is going fairly well; however, I have one issue. If I put the drums back on (I have to hammer on) the wheels will no longer spin as the new pads are way too tight. How do I adjust these brakes so that the wheels will spin freely? Or do I need to have the drums turned and/or replaced? Or do I just need to bleed the brakes once I finish, and the hydraulic pressure will regulate automatically?

Did you replace the brake shoes? If not check to see if the slides on the shoes are seized.

Replaced everything but the drum and the back plate.

They should not rub, so something is wrong.

I’ve grabbed a few photos. Perhaps you can help me? I replaced them exactly as they came apart.

Front Right (New shoes, cylinder, pins and springs)

Rear Right (New shoes, cylinder, pins and springs)

Front Left (Original)

The wheel cylinder pistons do not look like they’re in far enough. I have read of some guys running into problems and grinding some of the brake shoe. Perhaps this is what they were taking about. Grinding some of the metal where they slides into the wheel cylinder. I haven’t run into this problem so I’m only guessing. Compare it to the old cylinders. In the center of the shoes just above the pins make sure that slides and push them all the way in towards the shoe linings.

The pistons are definitely all the way in. I have also heard of needing to grind previously too when changing the cylinders, but I had no idea what they were talking about until now. I’ll give that a shot and let you know how that worked out. Thanks @David_Illingworth !

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I did compare the old cylinder to the new (pistons all in) and the originals are ever so slightly shorter in overall length maybe 1/8" or less. The differences between the two were, the original was slightly longer (no piston), but the pistons moved further in (completely inside the housing), the new one the pistons stick out the difference in length and that small extra bit.

Id say bleed them to see if that helps. Also for the rear did you check and see if the ebrake cable needs to be adjusted? Im guessing it was tighted as the shoes wore down and might need to be loosened.

Where did you buy your wheel cylinders?
…and do you have a make/model # for them?

After grinding a bit of the brake shoe tabs the drums were able to easily slide on, and after bleeding I was able to easily move the wheels again.