TransAxle removal?

I am mechanically inclined but I have never even thought about getting into the front end of this E2, I need to remove the trans axle in order to clean everything up for paint as there is a bunch of oil etc under everything. Is this something that is going to require all the different pieces be disconnected or is is swap able without much effort? I cannot find any how to or general directions on doing this anywhere. Thanks!

The oil is coming from the input shaft bearing seal. there are a lot of posts covering this problem Go to the GEM sub forum and spend a couple of hours. I would replace the input shaft and bearings with a kit that contains the new type shaft and seal. It is not necessary to remove the gearbox to do this.

After you have the input shaft kit installed,before you reinstall the motor pressure wash the mechanical area. DO NOT SPRAY THE ELECTRICAL AREA UNDER THE DASH.

You can download a service manual here for 5 bucks.

GEM Service Manuals PDF Download

thanks, there is no electrical on the cart right now at all so pressure washing and cleaning is easy to do right now. There was no motor on this cart so I am not sure where the oil came from and want to replace the transaxle with the new one I have on hand.

Let me know what you want for the old one

Shoot me a PM, not sure what the going rate on them is, I don’t know that there is actually anything wrong with it but figured it would be worth it to just swap it while everything else is out and know it is good to go.