Rear light assembly

2005…e2….right rear light was not working. Took the spat off to take a closer look at the wiring. Well, due to mud etc it needed work. Replaced the wire harness connections to the light assembly. Then took a closer look at the assembly….if bulb is in max it works great but the slightest backing off and doesn’t work. I’m thinking the springs might be shot.
I think the replacement is Peterson V306R. Then got to thinking if there is anyway to fill the space between the bulb and the socket to get a tighter fit.

Has anyone found a surface mount LED that would replace the stock rear lights…thanks

Using the convenient search tool found in the upper right of the page I searched the archives and found Grant’s old thread on this subject.

Yes- I tried the link provided and it still works.

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Thank you very much for the link…much appreciated