2015 GEM e6 rear light upgrade to all LED and added an back up light

Check out my rear light upgrade on 2015 GEM e6. Added a back up light on which serves as license plate holder as well.

Looks great please Tell us more. Typically when I have installed LED tail lights you need to install a in line resistor. Did you have to do that with your lights?

#1 could you provide a link to the lights you used?

2 how did you wire the Reverse lights? Example are they on a simple switch or When you put the car in Reverse do the lights come on?

I didn’t use any resistors.

  1. The reverse/license plate light with the bullets on the license plate https://truck.uapac.com/product?cid=21000&rid=21000. The tail lights https://www.maxxima.com/products/product_detail/581/Surface-Mount-Low-Profile-04-Ultra-Thin-LED-Light--Red-StopTailTurn.html
  2. GEM in my year 2015 are pre-wired for a reverse light which don’t understand why Polaris doesn’t add them. The light comes on when the car is put in reverse.

Thanks for the info I found the tail lights on a amazon for $17 each

Maxxima M42206R 14 LED Red Ultra Thin 0.4" Low Profile Stop Tail Turn Light https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EZ4F7YG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_d58FCb2F0NTHF