Readers to slash NYS managing editor for his criticizing BYD

As one Chinese corporation backed by Buffett , BYD runs its business in a large range of Auto, Energy Storage, Solar Power, LED, Battery, IT and so forth. Having been launching a cash-rewarded EV-Rename movement for its 188miles-range crossover e6 on its official facebook page, BYD looks like an leading advocate in Green Transportation filed. However , this firm has been confronted with some negative stock performance, and that brought it into sorta troubles.

“BYD: Not Look Like One of Buffett’s Better Investments”, that’s the main opinion as the critic article’s title carried out at the end of last month by Ira Stoll, one pre managing editor of New York Sun. Ira asserted that "So far, the explosive growth of China’s auto market has papered over the weaknesses of many companies. But as China’s growth slows, those failings will be dangerous to ignore.”

But most of the comments seem not to buy this.

I’ve bought and sold BYD for over 2 years and its been very good to me, It has a future that looks VERY bright, this dip is just another buying opportunity, calling it not one of Buffetts better buys when it is still a 6 bagger for him dosen’t make sense to me. And I still say anyone one that would make a statement like that is an ■■■■■ !

Not one of Buffett’s better investments? uh, 500+% over 2 years not good enough for ya? This is even after the recent tumble.
If this is a failue, then I wish I could’ve failed along with Buffett and Munger in 2008.
---------------- mna

BYD is innovative, assertive and adaptable. They are into many things other than cars. They will emerge as a well diversified conglomerate with the likes of GE, the GE of the Middle Kingdom, making and selling electronics and appliances of all type, along with financing. Give it 10 years. Buffett and Munger will.
---------------- RMOC

Yang forgot to tell you that even down 21% for the yr. The stock price is 6 times more than what he paid. They have a battery business thats world wide. Their government supports clean alternatives. A slow down of government support and growth will still be 4 times what ours is. They will sell electric cars in china. Probably not the U.S.A. The crash test of their car was described as- horrendous- by an independent testing facility. That will not stop their sales in china. It will let them sell more.
---------------- WiBear
I never bought or sold its stocks while have been attracted by this firm for its eBUS touring exhibition around US since this summer. I like its amazing all-electric BUS and endeavor towards environment-beneficial technologies, and still hope it gets better. Anyway, almost every superstar must have encountered a series of obstacles in different periods.
BTW, BYD (01211.HK) just met the raising limit yesterday by a rapid climbing—15.6%, so as to its 002594 CH which rose by the limit of 10 percent to 25.63 yuan on Nov. 14, 2011. So, that doesn’t sound too bad, right?