Is China looking to dominate the EV market?

When the US government recently hit some turbulence regarding it investment in the EV market, it did not take the Chinese authorities long to jump in to fill the void.

It is interesting to see that BYD is going from strength to strength in the EV market with major backing from the Chinese authorities.

We all assume that the US will be the center of the future EV industry, but will China have a say in this?

China is the fastest developing country in the Asia the economy of china is also strong and the china is the only country in the Asia which can give full competition to US in 21st century

I agree it is growing at a very fast pace.

When you can buy an Atomic with roll up windows and air conditioning for $15.000. I think the handwriting is on the wall.


If anyone can bring the price of EVs down it has to be the Chinese. They have already copied a Tesla at a fraction of the price!

Has anyone else noticed? Warren Buffet is the largest single investor in an EV manufacturer on the history of the world,…?
The stock’s value is up over 200%, under valued by 800% compared to tesla. Please comment!


Didn’t know that. Which one, how much has he invested, when did he start?

Warren is a seasoned financial persona. Many people have invested in his financial products and done well.

Mr Musk is a very successful entrepreneurial person and has vast personal wealth. At present people are investing in his car enterprise hoping that it will become a profit making operation in the future. His past ventures have been wildly successful.

Mr. Buffet is an example of a person that people go to for solid gains over the long term.

Mr. Musk allows people with a more aggressive investment strategy to satisfy their investment goals in an exiting, highly visible, and forward looking industry.

IMOH both groups of investors are happy with what they are doing.

You give the impression your in the Buffet camp and feel Musk investors might be wild eyed speculators.

Maybe, but so what? Different strokes for different folks. If /when Mr Musk comes thru, this group is going to make a TON of return. If not they will tell their grand children about Mr Musk and the Tesla “Back In The Day”

What say you?