Will China dominate the electric vehicle market in the shape of BYD?

While the electric vehicle market seems to be dominated by the likes of Tesla, General Motors, Nissan, etc, there is a rather unknown entity sneaking up on the sidelines in the shape of Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD.

While you may not have heard of the company as yet, it has the financial backing of the Chinese government as the Chinese authorities look to create a secure foothold in the electric vehicle market. This is the kind of company which could well be used by the Chinese authorities to dominate the electric vehicle market in the future and it is certainly one to watch out for.

BYD taxi EV car, there are many in Shenzhen

i dunno! :confused:

With any luck the market will be so wide and deep that it should be able to accommodate all types of EV manufacturer.

The Dayang Motorcyle company makes something called the “CHOK” (there is another word there in front of the name - translation unknown). It is selling in mass quantities to China (where it’s produced) but is also showing up across Europe (and soon the US).

It appears to be a knock-off of the Italian Biro` electric car.

China has the ability to flood the market with whatever their Government feels it can support. They very well may chose to go after the “Fleet” market where they can sell a standardized product. Taxi, Delivery vans etc.

The Chinese are smart, and can produce a capable product and make money. We have a prejudice against them that denigrates their capabilities. We need to get over it cause in a short time it’s going to bite us in our hind quarters.


Take a look at the Mullen Urby spread that was just posted. IMPRESSIVE!

I think they will be the next Hyundai.