Could China be the saviour of the electric vehicle market?

Only a few days ago the Chinese government reiterated its intention to boost the electric vehicle market both within China and around the world. Indeed the government has already released very optimistic sales forecast for 2020 but is this enough?

While sales of electric vehicles in China doubled to 12,085 units in 2012, compared to 2011, the vast majority of these seem to be targeted at government companies or associates. How will the Chinese government encourage private motorists to take up the electric vehicle baton?

Considering that air pollution is a big problem in China I think it will be easy. :slight_smile:

Once the US see the Chinese government getting a foothold in the EV market I think they will pull out all of the stops to make sure they don’t become the leader of the industry.

Might make for an interesting battle as President Obama has made some mistakes with his EV policy (as have other US governments) - the loan to Fisker is just one example.

Việt Nam cũng có thể làm được

you know china is dominating the e-bike market. according to Navigant research every 9 out of 10 e-bikes are sold in china.

yes it could

I think that the Chinese government was very shrewd picking up the slack left by the US government in the electric vehicle market. If, as many expect, EVs are the next big automobile market then I think the Chinese government has just jumped to the front of the queue.

I think it’s a possibility yes. The issues of uptake are hardly different than those in the west, the only difference being that the Chinese population has more of a reason to be receptive to the idea. As already mentioned air quality is so poor in China and with their economic and population growth showing no signs of slowing down they need to take on any methods of pollution reduction.

I think they have the opportunity for a slightly different marketing format than in the US/UK. With constant visual reminders of the damage pollution is having on their environment and them as individuals I can imagine they may be slightly more likely to pay attention.

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Many thanks for your contribution to the thread - I think this is the first time that our paths have crossed. Do you drive an electric vehicle at the moment or have you got your eye on anything in particular?



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china is a fastest growing country in the world and largest exporter in each and every field and china can do any thing and India lack behind in the race of china and china would be the saviour of electric vehicle in my option

Yes China, India and Bangladesh could be Savior.

Yes! and singapur, hong kong, tokio too because of smog reduction plans

recently found out, that loncin in china is going to make the zagato volpe, a big section on facebook, showing the shows it has been at, hard to find on the web, i found. would still like to have one. But they are very slow at getting them on the road. the guru is the best, 236 miles on a full charge and fuel tank. probably 10 miles on electric, and a 20gal petrol tank, HA! HA!