China introduces worlds first EV vending machine

Yes, you did read the headline correctly! The Chinese EV market has been taken to a whole different level with the introduction of an EV vending machine by EV manufacturer Kandi. At first glance the introduction of a vending machine may seem pointless, rather bizarre and perhaps another example of some of the non-Western ideas […]


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That’s pretty crazy? And OF COURSE the company is named “Kandi”, it’s a cool concept though. It’s like those vehicle rentals they have here in LA where you can pick up a car at a designated location, drive it around and bring it back. I’m curious to see where China goes with this.

It could only happen in China!

On a different matter, I see that the Chinese government has extended the financial incentives available to those acquiring electric vehicles - to the surprise of many experts. Can we assume that sales are not going as well as the Chinese government had hoped?

Is there a big enough well-to-do community that can afford these cars? And aren’t the BYD cars not as reliable?

The economy of China have improved massively of late and a lot of people have seen a major increase in household incomes - I don’t think money is an issue. I am not sure about the reliability of BYD cars but I did see they have been expanding outside of China?

The Chinese government is also financially supporting the likes of BYD so if there are any reliability issues I think they will soon be resolved. If the Chinese government does manage to crack the EV market (and I think they will) we will see a battle between China and the US for leadership of the industry. Interesting times ahead!