RE: Lithium. Only for the electrical Guru’s?

My cart has a delta q charger set to lithium and I believe the spoof is there as well, the cart was running on lithium before the battery started being wonky (there were some swollen cells when I first got it so I’m pretty confident they just weren’t taken care of prior to my picking it up). I’ll confirm the spoof. If there’s a picture of what I’m looking for that would help. My last question is what the lifespan of the Bolt battery would be. A rough estimate is fine.

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The voltage spoof goes next to the controller (check if one of the wires has a heat shrink) I don’t remember the color Rn @Inwo for sure will b able to tell you if not I can go to the storage and show it to you.

The cells were new. When I bought them and I barely used them. It’s also convenient to charge it to 4v to extend their Life.

@LithiumGods will be able to tell you about The lifespan since he has sold a lot of those packs.

Hi Inwo - I have an 2005 e4 that I’ve been looking to upgrade to lithium. I took measurements and can’t imagine where I’d mount these batteries. You mentioned front of back seat to axle – are you meaning under the chassis somehow?

I believe he is targeting the center tray of car, starting at the front of the seat box and coming out the rear of the cab into the tray under the spat. All existing tray frames need to be cut out and some cutting of the spat.

Not for the meek.
If you have one of the little flat truck beds this is not an issue.

That’s the problem. No room in an E4.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I guess I’ll have to wait for other options to become available on this forum as I’m not knowledgeable enough to order from ebay and need all the help I can get. Thanks, again!

I’m going to assume it’s longer than a lead acid or gel so I think I’m going to take it unless someone has some other advice. You around this weekend?

I’m not sure if these are going through but I think I’m in. Just need to coordinate with you.

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Hey sorry I didn’t see the last message. I’ll send you a dm

@Pornelas where’d you land? I’d love too check out your setup when you’re up and running!

Let me know if you need any help

Well, the bolt battery in FL may not be good, so I’m giving it a couple more days. I may be looking at coming to you to go the volt route, that is if it’s still available

Oh no! the deal is falling through or the battery is actually bad?

my Volt packs are still sitting on my garage floor :wink:

The tricky part will be if you want to go 4 packs. I only have 3 12s packs and 2 6s.

I think you’re running 1 12s + 2 6s packs. We could get you running with the same setup with 2 packs. Otherwise we may have to find more. I guess I’d entertain getting another full Volt pack and gutting it. Breaking it down was pretty easy

He said one cell was possibly bad and didn’t feel comfortable selling unless it was tip-top, which I appreciate. Money got tighter anyway so I think going volt and local is the logical next step. If you think grabbing one from a wrecking yard is the way to go, I’m down. One of my packs might be useable as well. I just need some expertise to figure that stuff out, this kind of electrical is not my strong suit.

I make a harness that changes 2 x 6s to look like a 12s to my standard parallel harness.

Put me in touch with him. I’m interested in buying Bolt cells to compliment a 10s module I have on the shelf.

I’m also in the sunset cliffs area with an e4, watching this thread. went cheap on the lead acid and regretting it.

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@surfsjp @Pornelas if you guys want to split a full volt pack, I’ll help you break it up.


I believe the new jk bms uses jst-xh connectors. My harnesses will then work with your volt modules.
I should have some next week and I can configure them to the bms.
Volts still make a great Gem battery with proper bms.
The new jk version is ideal.

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I’m a complete noob when it comes to lithium so i would definitely need some sort of plug and play application. I’m just starting now to get acquainted with the terms and hardware. I’m looking for the most stable/reliable, power, and range. After years of having this rig, i finally ordered the disk brake system a few days ago from NEV. Almost pulled the trigger on the ride4fun motor too. My batteries should keep me going till I get up to speed with lithium - hopefully.

I did the front disc brakes on my 2002 e825 and in Pacific Beach. I posted pics and about it in my build thread( Just purchased 2002 e825-4 where to start rejuvenation? - #23 by dougl ). Put Leaf Gen4 batteries in mine( Nissan Leaf Gen 4 battery conversion ).

I would hold off on the R4F motor as the stock 5hp does pretty well unless you really need the extra 2HP from an upgraded motor. IIRC they have similar highend RPM limits so it won’t get you more speed, just get you there a bit faster.