Range v charge time

With all the advances made in battery technology regarding their increased range .
I think they should look more into ways of decreasing the time to charge the battery
It is the one area of electric vehicles that stops me from even considering buying one .
At the moment ,if am out for a drive in my diesel smart forfour and its low on fuel , I pull into a station fill her up and am good for another 400 or so miles all in the space of around 5mins .
Same scenario in an electric vehicle can take upto 8hrs [ so am told ] and that is assuming I had made it to a charge station .
I would snap at an electric vehicle that had a 50 mile range if it could be recharged in mins rather than hours , so until then it is diesel for me

You bring up reality. Modern LI technology will do a “Quick charge” in a half hour. It can give you 100+miles of range in that period of time. Only cost you $80,000

Only $80 000 well gee put me down for two