Quick & Easy Wiper Motor Test

Hello all. Im needing a little information. Is there a quick and easy way to test a wiper motor?

The motor “used” to work. I had the electrical board update done and after painting reinstall the motor. When I hit the button I heard a “pop” like a fuse had just blown. I replaced the blown fuse and now I get nothing when I flip the rocker switch for the motor. :confused:

Ive also noticed that my brake lights that once worked are currently not working with the brake pedal either?

This sounds like a fuse to me but I have checked them 7-8 times and they are all good. The rest of the car works and drives fine. (don’t have front lights hooked up currently so I don’t know about them)

Thank you and have a great day!

I just hooked up the front lights, and blinkers.

When I turn the car on, the back blinkers, brake lights, horn all work as intended…UNTIL I hit the “lights” button.

Once I have touched that button, everything stops working. The front lights don’t turn on either.

Also when I initially turn on the car and check the blinkers, the back lights blink but not the front?

I hope this is an easy fix. Any suggestions would be appreciated! thank you!

Also if I cycle the switch off for a few minutes and then back on I can use the back functions again?

I tested the wires going to the light switch. The white with red line wire has power to it as intended. I thought maybe the switch was bad so I bypassed it and touched the white with red line wire directly to the purple wires. They started to get really hot and arced together.

So if I disconnect the wire harness below the dash so that purple wire only goes to the harness it still faults when power is put to it. However there is continuity from one end of the wire to the other.

Is this telling me there is a short in that wire? Bad ground somewhere? Any direction would be a great help.

Thank you!

Main problem fixed. Had a bad ground going to the rear harness. Lights and blinkers all work great now.

Wiper motor still has not life. Currently it is the last electrical item I need to fix!

Do you have power to the wiper when it’s turned on? Wiper motors do go bad occasionally.