Pulsing/ jerky foot pedal

Hey everyone,
I have a 2002 e4 that I converted to lithium and since removing the extra weight it now has a pretty jerky throttle response when taking off or maintaining lower speeds around the neighborhood. When I have 2-3 people in the cart it is barely noticeable but by myself it’s pretty jerky. I was wondering if using a different potentiometer would help? I read a post about placing resisters somewhere in the wiring but I couldn’t find a diagram or specifics. Any help is appreciated.

Do you have a programmer cable?

There is a setting or two on the T2 that you can change that will help with that.

Yes. I have the sentry software.

I don’t have my notes here, but I want to say it’s the “armature acceleration rate”, IIRC, you want to raise that, which will slow down the acceleration. You might have to lower the field weaking number a bit too.

Sorry for the delay. Heres some photos of the settings.

I would try lowering setting #2 creep speed.