Longer accelerator pedal throw, distance on the potentiometer

I have a 2002 eL, all stock as far as I know. I love it.
When I step on the gas, it takes about 2 seconds to go “full throttle”. I find myself wondering if it’s working until it takes off. I understand the purpose of this, but I think it could have been created a bit better.

If the gas pedal “throw” (the distance from where it is with no foot pressure, to the “pedal to the metal” floor) was higher, further from the floor, their wouldn’t be a need for a delay because the foot could regulate how fast it needed for initial take-off. But, instead they used a pedal with a short “throw” so they had to program in a delay to prevent whiplash in case the person’s foot was flooring it.

I have the programming kit, and I was going to get rid of the delay, but then I would also have to find a different pedal. The pedel looks like an old sowing machine pedal, I’m sure it’s stock – it’s probably just an electronic pot (not the smokey-smokey kind).

Has anyone thought about this? Any thoughts to add? Maybe I am wrong? Or maybe you have a suggestion on the right hardware, or software programming functions I need to set.

Thanks for your ideas.

Unless you have crazy performance, reduce the delay.

Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

It probably has perfect power for asphalt or cement, but i use gravel on my ranch. Slightly too much pressure will make it spin out.

I was thinking about finding an old hybrid, electric car at a junkyard and using its accelerator for more throw. Idk

You can change throttle response electrically, by padding.
Adding resistance from wiper to low side will reduce the action on the first part of throttle and move it to the top.

The number on the positive log side, bottom, is percentage of throttle pot.
If pot is 10k connect 2.5k or 1k from wiper to B-.
I did that to mine to make a high voltage conversion more drivable.
I also added a small resistor, like 500 ohm in series with the +5 lead to take a little of the top.

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