Place in SOCAL to convert used Boxster or Z3 and cost

Hi all!
I keep failing to find out if this is possible and what kind of price ranges I would be talking about.

I would like to buy a used Z3 or Boxster (on a discount many miles on it), then take it to a place to convert it to electric.

I do not need speed (efficient on current street legal limits) nor long range (<80 miles).

My back stops me from being able to do it myself, I need someone else to do it, preferably someone that knows what he/she is doing.

Is there any place in SOCAL (or maybe it would worth to do it out of state if you recommend so), that can make this conversion?

Also with those specifications, and with labor included, what cost I’m looking at? (I do not seem to find consistent information)

Can I drive then that car on the streets?

Is there any other warning I should be thinking about?


Try contacting EV West in San Marcos.

Thanks, they didn’t reply back to my email … :confused: so I guess there is no that much interest on this.

Or they are understaffed due to the pandemic and backlogged on email. Try calling them, you might have better luck reaching someone. Plus, if they aren’t interested, you might have better luck getting a lead to another shop over the phone.